Painting Events Online

Sometimes you can't make it into your favorite Paint & Sip studio. That's where we help! Join Purple Easel Online.

Painting Events, Anywhere, Anytime!


You Choose the Painting

Select from our inventory of recorded painting instruction. New features uploaded weekly! Stop and pause and take all the time you need.

Make it an Event

Wherever you are, taking time for you is important. Make "You Time" an Event! So pour a glass, gather your supplies, and make a painting! We'll take you step by step.

Share With the Community

Join a community of painters excited to escape with you and perfect their craft. Whether just starting or having painted for years; we are the affirming artists all here to support your work!

Step by Step

We have taken our in-studio experience and digitized it! Now with the convenience of pausing you'll never miss a step. A-Class instruction from our professional artists, one click away any time of day.

Be a Proud Painter!

Painting is proven therapy for the soul. No matter your experience level, expressing yourself through paint and canvas is enriching. We take all the intimidation out of the process equipping you to make a masterpiece every time.

Join the Crew

This Digital Studio is a home for all artists. A community committed to recognizing and affirming your work. Teaching you step by step to make beautiful art and enriching your life through the joy of painting!


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